A Direct Path to Enlightenment by 'Jam-mGon Kong-sPrul

By 'Jam-mGon Kong-sPrul

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Buddhism and Violence

This quantity experiences the facts that, at specific moments of their background and in definite features in their doctrines, the traditions of Buddhism, like different spiritual traditions, have actively or passively promoted - and will proceed to advertise - violent modes of habit or structural violence. The articles during this quantity disguise a wide spectrum of the Buddhist global in time period of areas and classes.

Madhyamika and Yogacara: A Study of Mahayana Philosophies (Suny Series in Buddhist Studies) (Suny Series in Tantric Studies)

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Important technical phrases utilized in the Mahayana textual culture, whose distinctive figuring out is critical for the research of Mahayana Buddhism, are skillfully offered, making the publication vital to students of Buddhist reviews.

Ananda: The Guardian of the Dhamma

82,000 Teachings from the Buddha i've got received;
2,000 extra from his disciples; Now, 84,000 are commonplace to me. 1
Who not anything has heard2 and not anything understood, He a while in basic terms oxen-like:
His abdominal merely grows and grows,
But his perception deepens not.
Who has a lot heard and learned,
But does despise him who's bad in studying, Is like one blind who holds a lamp.
So needs to i feel of this kind of one.
Thou stick with him who has heard much,
Then what's heard shall now not decline.
This is the tap-root of the holy life;
Hence a Dhamma-guardian thou should’st be!
Knowing what comes first and final, understanding good the that means, too,
Skilful in grammar and in different items,3 The well-grasped that means he examines.
Keen in his sufferer application,
He strives to weigh the that means good. on the correct time he makes his attempt, And inwardly collects his mind.
— the Venerable Ánanda, Thag XVII. three (vv. 1024-29)

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A variety from the centrepiece of the Buddhist assortment - a few 5,000 leaves and fragments, with round 7,000 micro-fragments from a library of initially as much as 1,000 manuscripts present in caves in Bamiyan, Afghanistan

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Be grateful to everyone. There is no method of achieving Buddhahood which does not depend on all sentient beings for support. Therefore, Buddha and sentient beings arc equally helpful to an individual who wishes co reach Enlightenment. All sentient beings are especially beneficent since not even one has not been one of your parents. Furthermore, all these malefactors are extremely beneficent since they are your companions and helpers for gathering the accumulations of merit and awareness and removing the obscurations 39 of emotionality and conceptual knowledge.

Now, deep Dharma activitates evil karma; you become restless. When you sit you want to move, and when you move you want ro sit. aren 't being cooked and burnt. and, Further, think well of fear and fnght And be extremely modest with yourself Take mean food and bear hardships, Wear mean clothes and sit in a low position Meditate to counteract and disregard both happiness and suffering. ~6 you have to make your devotions meaningful to yourself. When you're ill, 57 mind training is your nurse. Perhaps you become very anxious and expect the doctors, the nurse and everybody else to do more for you.

3. Don't pursue many different aspirations for the present and future; concentrate exclusively to the best of your ability on destroying ego-clinging and doing whatever helps your mind. 4. When you are free from ego-clinging, you have reached Buddhahood, so there is no need to enumerate the stages of development for this single way. If you want all the remedies that concern thorough enlightenment, they are all included in these four Dharmas. He also wrote: 1. 2. 3. 4. Adverse circumstances are spiritual fnends.

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