A History of Mathematical Notations: Vol. I, Notations in by Florian Cajori

By Florian Cajori

The various earliest books, relatively these relationship again to the 1900s and earlier than, are actually tremendous scarce and more and more dear. we're republishing those vintage works in cheap, prime quality, sleek variations, utilizing the unique textual content and paintings.

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B 340, 33. , R. G. Leigh, and J. Polchinski, 1989, Mod. Phys. Lett. A 4, 2073. Danielsson, U. , and G. Ferretti, 1997, Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 12, 4581. , H. Nicolai, and J. Plefka, 2000, J. High Energy Phys. 05, 007. de Alwis, S. , 1999, Phys. Rev. D 59, 044029. , K. Hori, and H. Ooguri, 1998, Nucl. Phys. B 525, 257. , S. Panda, and J. P. van der Schaar, 1998, Phys. Lett. B 426, 50. , 1999, ‘‘Supermembranes and super matrix models,’’ preprint hep-th/9902051. , J. Hoppe, and H. Nicolai, 1988, Nucl.

We have described two complementary ways of thinking about matrix theory: first, as a quantized regularized theory of a supermembrane, which can be interpreted as a second-quantized theory of objects moving in an 11-dimensional target space, and second, as the discrete light-cone quantization of M theory, which is equivalent to a simple limit of type-IIA string theory through the Seiberg-Sen limiting argument. We have reviewed perturbative matrix-theory calculations that correspond precisely with linearized 1114 See, for example, Balasubramanian, Gopakumar, and Larsen (1998), Hyun (1998), Itzhaki et al.

448 Washington Taylor: M(atrix) theory corresponds to longitudinal membranes (strings), the charge z ij ϳJ ϩij ϳϪiTr ͓ X i ,X j ͔ (134) corresponds to transverse membranes, and z ijkl ϳM ϩϪijkl ϳTr X [i X j X k X l] (135) corresponds to the longitudinal M5-brane charge. Yet another way to motivate these charge identifications is through T duality in the type-IIA picture. This approach is described by Taylor (1998, 2000), Taylor and Van Raamsdonk (1999a), and Myers (1999). The perturbative matrix-theory calculations described in Sec.

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