A Novel SOFC Tri-generation System for Building Applications by Theo Elmer

By Theo Elmer

The thesis has severely tested, either theoretically and experimentally, a singular tri-generation method inspiration - with encouraging process functionality confirmed. The thesis establishes the numerous capability of the radical tri-generation method in offering powerful outfitted surroundings decarbonisation via decentralised new release; strengthening the case for a destiny hydrogen economy.

In reaction to the serious have to decarbonise the equipped setting, substitute equipment for better power utilisation must be explored together with tri-generation structures. The thesis provides the layout, improvement and trying out of a singular proof-of-concept tri-generation procedure in accordance with stable oxide gasoline telephone (SOFC) and liquid desiccant air-con expertise to supply electrical energy, heating and cooling to construction purposes. No earlier paintings has been suggested on this sort of procedure. The subject matter of the paintings sits in the issues of low-carbon and sustainable power applied sciences, development prone and coffee carbon development applications.

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5, 6 and 7 respectively. Chapter 3 provides a contribution to knowledge through the assimilation of various sources of data to physically characterise the potassium formate solution in the required operating range specifically for liquid desiccant air conditioning applications. 5 Summary of Thesis Aim and Objectives 11 within the public domain. Chapter 4 provides a clear contribution to knowledge through simulations of the novel SOFC liquid desiccant tri-generation system. Chapters 5 and 6 present an evaluation, based on experimental data, of the liquid desiccant air conditioning components.

Combined heat and power (CHP) is defined as the generation of heat and power from a single fuel source, with the view to using both products. CHP is a proven technology, providing various technical, economic and environmental benefits. However, the efficiency of CHP systems tends to fall in hot and humid climates with long summer seasons, where the demand for cooling and/or dehumidification outweighs heating. Tri-generation has been introduced to take the concept of CHP to the next level. By incorporating a heat driven cooling cycle into the system, higher levels of overall efficiencies are achievable due to a greater utilisation of waste heat throughout the year.

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