A Petrographic Atlas of Ophiolite: An example from the by Naresh Chandra Ghose, Nilanjan Chatterjee, Fareeduddin

By Naresh Chandra Ghose, Nilanjan Chatterjee, Fareeduddin

The ebook is a considerate dialogue with scientists learning convergent plate limitations comparable to the well known, lively India-Eurasia collision area. It offers a accomplished choice of petrographic photographs of ophiolitic rocks exhumed from oceanic lithosphere and mantle on the India-Asia plate boundary. Ophiolite is uncovered within the northwestern Himalayas, japanese Indian plate margin and Andaman-Nicobar Islands. on the japanese margin, it happens in a slender strip comprising mantle peridotite tectonite, cummulate peridotite-gabbro-plagiogranite-anorthosite, mafic dyke, volcanics and oceanic sediments. Low temperature/high strain rocks together with blueschists and eclogites have been commonly studied lately. Ophiolite derived sediments and podiform chromites can also be mentioned to supply whole information. Supplemental maps, geological sections, box sketches and images will clarify the constitution, stratigraphy, ore mineralization, and metamorphic history.

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2009). • Trails/pods of chromite spinel and clinopyroxene in dunite, micro-veins and thin dikes of olivine-clinopyroxene: originated through melt percolation. • Secondary chlorite around spinel, serpentine and rare diopside around olivine and calcite vein in dunite: late stage alteration. Meta-gabbro and tonalite–trondhjemite with clinopyroxenite intrusives: • Clinopyroxene overgrows olivine in clinopyroxenite, amoeboid clinopyroxene at grain boundaries of olivine porphyroblasts; trails of lobate clinopyroxene porphyroblasts; secondary chlorite and hornblende: melt-rock interactions.

2010). Alteration is common in the cumulate gabbros with plagioclase showing saussuritisation and pyroxene showing uralitisation and chloritisation. Magnetite-ulvospinel occurs as an accessory phase. Clinopyroxene is altered to amphibole and plagioclase is saussuritised also in the intrusive gabbro and dolerite. The intrusive gabbro grades into quartz-bearing plagiogranite with An93 plagioclase, minor hornblende altered to chlorite and accessory magnetite andilmenite. The basaltic volcanics contain phenocrysts of augite and olivine near the base, and augite and plagioclase near the top.

11 Andaman Foliated, serpentinised mantle tectonite: • Resorbed orthopyroxene porphyroclasts with olivine and chromite inclusions surrounded by olivine neoblasts; embayed diopside grains surrounded by orthopyroxene: mantle melting reactions. Layered ultramafic–mafic cumulates: • Sieve-textured olivine and resorbed chromite; some unaltered olivine and euhedral chromite. • Lherzolite cumulates contain resorbed orthopyroxene. less altered diopside-augite with olivine, orthopyroxene and chromite inclusions.

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