A reader's guide to Nabokov's Lolita by Julian W. Connolly

By Julian W. Connolly

(Studies in Russian and Slavic literatures, cultures and heritage)

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A reader's guide to Nabokov's Lolita

(Studies in Russian and Slavic literatures, cultures and historical past)

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I think I can tell you,” cried Lady Margaret, in that clear, quivering voice with which a courageous woman speaks publicly. “I can tell you what Mr. O’Brien was doing in the garden, since he is bound to silence. He was asking me to marry him. I refused; I said in my family circumstances I could give him nothing but my respect. He was a little angry at that; he did not seem to think much of my respect. I wonder,” she added, with rather a wan smile, “if he will care at all for it now. For I offer it him now.

Simon’s rationalism, I still affirm that Becker was only partly present. ” (pointing to the black bulk of the mysterious corpse) “you never saw that man in your lives. ” He rapidly rolled away the bald, yellow head of the unknown, and put in its place the white-maned head beside it. And there, complete, unified, unmistakable, lay Julius K. Brayne. “The murderer,” went on Brown quietly, “hacked off his enemy’s head and flung the sword far over the wall. But he was too clever to fling the sword only.

And he threw down half a sovereign, and caught up his coat. Father Brown’s figure remained quite dark and still; but in that instant he had lost his head. His head was always most valuable when he had lost it. In such moments he put two and two together and made four million. Often the Catholic Church (which is wedded to common sense) did not approve of it. Often he did not approve of it himself. But it was real inspiration — important at rare crises — when whosoever shall lose his head the same shall save it.

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