A Research Synthesis: Diagnosis and Treatment of Infantile by Guo Xinzhi

By Guo Xinzhi

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Rooting reflex'. Rooting occurs instinctively to stimulation around the mouth, involving tracking, searching and redirection of the head toward the source of stimulation. Rooting usually concludes with sucking . The major significance of rooting is to search for and ingest food . The reflex disappears after 3-4 months .. Moro reflex : The Moro reflex may be demonstrated by placing the infant face up on a soft, padded surface . The head is gently lifted with enough traction to just begin to raise the body weight from the pad (Note the infant's body should not be lifted off the pad, only the weight removed) .

Finally, -eness, attention, memory, e last to myelinate and are st be stated, however, that overlap and continues well completely developed . By f cortical neurons ceases to inue to increase due to incons, and myelination . By t d the striatal systems have not reached full developa and sporadic involuntary s diffusely through the cor Sucking reflex : The neonate automatically sucks vigorously on a teat or tiny object placed in its mouth . This reflex automatically disappears after 3-4 months . Rooting reflex'.

At eight th back and buttocks up- Infants have hardly any control over fine motor skills at birth, although they have many components of what will become finely tuned arm, hand and finger movements . The development of such behaviors as grasping and reaching become increasingly more refined over the first 2 years of life . After' the disappearance 'of the grasping reflex (about three to four months old) , there is emergence of the intentioned grasping of objects . The major thenar (radial) segment of the palm is employed and later the minor thenar (ulnar) segment .

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