Acupressure, Revised: Simple Self Treatment by Jacqueline Young

By Jacqueline Young

This sensible consultant demonstrates with new step by step pictures, the place to put strain for every remedy.

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Benefits: Improves mental clarity, brightens the face and complexion, enhances the eyes and drainage in the nasal passages. 2. Governor Vessel 23 Location: About 1 finger width inside the hairline on the midline of the scalp in line with the top of the nose. Technique: Apply acupressure perpendicularly, using the middle or index fingertip as for the previous acupoint. Rest the thumb on the temple at the side of the head for support. Benefits: Clears the head and enhances the eyes. 3. Stomach 8 Location: At the corner of the forehead, 1 finger width inside the hairline.

It gives clear descriptions of the location of each acupressure point, the techniques for applying acupressure and the functions of the points. It shows how to promote health in all the major body systems and organs and also links this with simple self-health techniques, including breathing, diet, nutrition, exercise, life-style, mental attitude and visualization, in order to provide an integrated approach to health in body, mind and spirit. The book is designed to appeal to all those interested in promoting and maintaining their own health and helping others do the same.

Apply pressure gently with the middle or index finger of the other hand for about 30 seconds. Use gentle, rotating movements and apply the pressure directly into the abdomen, below the surface of the skin. Allow your breathing to become slow and relaxed and visualize warmth and power filling the abdomen. Benefits: This is one of the most important toning points for the whole body but, in particular, it strengthens the sexual organs and helps builds stamina, confidence and vitality. Regular acupressure applied to this point can prevent or relieve fatigue, menstrual problems and urinary weakness.

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