Acupuncture: Efficacy, Safety and Practice by Board of Science and Education

By Board of Science and Education

This ebook investigates the clinical foundation and efficacy of acupuncture and the standard of educating and criteria of competence in its practitioners. sufferers are more and more asking approximately CAM possible choices to orthodox clinical practices as they worry the side-effects of ever stronger conventional drug treatment. The ebook discusses the $64000 questions of safety and the schooling and coaching of acupuncture experts. furthermore the e-book investigates GP's attitudes to acupunture and the level to which they give the therapy to their sufferers.  

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Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann Reprinted by permission of Butterworth-Heinemann 3 Safety: a review of adverse reactions to acupuncture Introduction It has been assumed in the past that acupuncture poses no risk, or very little risk, to the patient, and being a natural and holistic therapy is safer than conventional medicine and drug therapy (MacPherson, 1999). However, with its growth in popularity in Western society came the need for evidence of its safety, and with that came reports of adverse events from around the world (Rampes and James, 1995; Ernst and White, 1997, 1999; Peuker and Filler, 1997).

Principles of CAM education The BMA (1993) suggested certain broad principles which could be applied—albeit at different levels for different therapies—to all training programmes for persons who intend to use CAM. As a primary step, it is essential that each therapy should establish a core curriculum, setting out the basic competencies required for the practise of that therapy by all practitioners, medical and non-medical alike. Courses should be of credible duration and type, to provide competent practitioners.

The European Committee for Homoeopathy also recently emphasised the importance of effectiveness research— for example, using observational studies (European Committee for Homeopathy 1997), and Black (1996) called for the advocates of RCTs and the advocates of observational studies to work in mutual recognition of the complementary roles of the two approaches. However, the randomised controlled clinical trial, and the pragmatic RCT, remain important linchpins of medical research. Although they may be considered in conjunction with other forms of research such as observational techniques, acupuncture research must provide evidence of clinical efficacy which enables acupuncture techniques to be compared with conventional medicine.

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