Advanced Control of Electrical Drives and Power Electronic by Jacek Kabziński

By Jacek Kabziński

This contributed quantity is written by means of key experts operating in multidisciplinary fields in electric engineering, linking keep an eye on concept, strength electronics, synthetic neural networks, embedded controllers and sign processing. The authors of every bankruptcy file the state-of-the-art of a few of the subject matters addressed and current result of their very own examine, laboratory experiments and profitable functions. The awarded options pay attention to 3 major components of interest:

· movement keep an eye on in advanced electromechanical structures, together with sensorless control;

· fault analysis and fault tolerant keep watch over of electrical drives;

· new regulate algorithms for strength electronics converters.

The chapters and the whole publication own powerful monograph attributes. very important sensible and theoretical difficulties are deeply and correctly offered at the heritage of an exhaustive state-of the paintings evaluate. Many effects are thoroughly new and have been by no means released ahead of. recognized keep an eye on tools like box orientated keep watch over (FOC) or direct torque regulate (DTC) are referred as a kick off point for adjustments or are used for comparability. between quite a few keep watch over theories used to resolve specific difficulties are: nonlinear keep an eye on, strong keep watch over, adaptive keep an eye on, Lyapunov options, observer layout, version predictive regulate, neural keep watch over, sliding mode regulate, sign filtration and processing, fault prognosis, and fault tolerant control.

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Similarly, and so V2 ð0Þ jex j Dex 2atanð2kV 2K tan Kev p qffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi 2 ð0Þ=lÞ . Using analogical reasoning, it can be derived that jev j Dev 2atanð2KV p Adaptive Position Tracking with Hard Constraints … 39 rffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi 2V2 ð0Þ , where kmin ðÃÞ denotes the smallest eigenvalue of the symkmin ðCÀ1 Þ metric matrix Ã. e T are bounded, A b 1 are also bounded. The desired ‘virtual control’ 2. As ex ; ev ; A 1 and its derivative are bounded as well. Therefore the functions n1 are bounded and from (47) the control is bounded.

One of the most precise methods of estimation is a speed observer as proposed in [9]. The structure of the speed observer is based on an extended model of the induction machine. Extension means the addition of variables determined as components of the rotor flux vector multiplied by the rotor angular velocity. In this way the number of variables is greater than minimum needed to determine the model in state space. The extended model requires the introduction of stabilizing feedback. Together with the error of the stator current, the extended model forms the speed observer for the virtual machine in the first plane as follows: x^_ ð1Þ ¼ Að1Þ ^xð1Þ þ Bð1Þ uð1Þ þ Kð1Þ eð1Þ ; ð66Þ where ^ denotes observer variables and h ^xTð1Þ ¼ ^isð1Þ ^ w rð1Þ i ^f ð1Þ ; uð1Þ ¼ usð1Þ ; h eTð1Þ ¼ ~isð1Þ 2 Að1Þ a1ð1Þ ¼ 4 a5ð1Þ ^ rð1Þ a5ð1Þ x ð68Þ i ~f ð1Þ ; a2ð1Þ a6ð1Þ D^ xrð1Þ =Ds 3 ja3ðnÞ 5 j a6ð1Þ þ j^ xrð1Þ ð69Þ ð70Þ 2 Bð1Þ 3 a4ð1Þ ¼ 4 0 5; 0 ð67Þ ð71Þ 18 Z.

2. All closed loop signals are bounded. 3. The tracking errors ex ; ev converge to zero asymptotically. Sketch of the proof: 1. V2 ð0Þ is bounded and as V_ 2 0, hence V2 ðtÞ\V2 ð0Þ along the considered trajectory. Lemma 1 yields that jex ðtÞj\Dex and jev ðtÞj\DÀev . Another constraint Á V2 ð0Þ and thus for the tracking error may be obtained noticing that 2k1 tan ke2x qffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi À 2Á l 2 ð0ÞÞ . Similarly, and so V2 ð0Þ jex j Dex 2atanð2kV 2K tan Kev p qffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi 2 ð0Þ=lÞ .

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