Alien Vision: Exploring the Electromagnetic Spectrum with by Austin Richards

By Austin Richards

Austin Richards takes readers on a visible travel of the electromagnetic spectrum past the variety of human sight, utilizing imaging expertise because the skill to "see" invisible mild. Dozens of colourful pictures and transparent, concise descriptions make this an exciting, obtainable technical booklet. Richards explains the sunshine spectrum, together with seen gentle, and describes the complex imaging applied sciences that allow people to synthesize our personal model of "alien" imaginative and prescient at diverse wavelengths, with purposes starting from hearth battling and legislation enforcement to botany and drugs.

the second one version expands present content material, explores contemporary components of analysis, and offers new illustrations that exhibit the range of imaginative and prescient in the course of the spectrum

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There tend to be more excitation modes of molecules in the UV, which is why many molecular materials such as glass are opaque to certain wavelengths of UV light, yet they are transparent to visible, near-IR, and SWIR light. A very nice example of this UV absorption effect can be seen in Fig. 37, a comparison of two common optical materials in various bands of the spectrum. The figure shows a pair of seemingly identical 2-inch diameter windows imaged in three sub-bands of the UV. The window on the left is standard BK7 optical glass, while the one on the right is fused silica, which is transparent down to 180 nm.

28 (396 nm). 29 Epoxy floor sealant shoe mark on a tile floor: left—VIS; right—near-UV Shoemark on vinyl tile with floor wax: left—VIS; right—near-UV (365 nm). 26 Chapter 1 color image. The wax tends to either absorb or scatter UV light (depending on the illumination angle). The shoe impression changes the texture of the wax surface and affects how light is scattered from it. Paint is generally composed of a transparent organic resin or polymer with pigment particles suspended in it. As we have seen earlier in this chapter, the pigment particles may not scatter NIR or SWIR light sufficiently to make the paint opaque.

Herschel’s thermometer was not sufficiently sensitive to detect near-UV light, which led to his 3 W. Herschel, “Experiments on the refrangibility of the invisible rays of the Sun,” Phil. Tran. Roy. Soc. 90, 284–347 (1800). Infrared and Ultraviolet: The Edges of the Rainbow 5 incorrect conclusion that light beyond violet did not exist. Not only does near-UV light exist, but many animals can see it. The human retina is somewhat sensitive to near-UV light, but we cannot see it because the crystalline lens of our eye absorbs light below 400 nm.

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