An holistic guide to massage : from beginner to advanced by Tina Parsons

By Tina Parsons

An Holistic consultant to therapeutic massage accommodates the hyperlinks among physique, brain and soul within the look for wellbeing and fitness. This strategy has now not been taken through the other textual content written approximately therapeutic massage. different texts at the moment to be had are inclined to specialize in one idea and one idea simply, while this publication encourages scholars to examine the broader picutre encompassing varied theories. scholars are then in a position to make their very own brain up approximately which therapeutic massage remedy to perform.

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In turn, long-term stressors have the affect of increasing the release of the stress-related hormones adrenalin and cortisol and 35 36 The marketplace for massage Tip The general adaptive syndrome (GAS) is the term given to describe the three phases associated with stress: 1 The alarm phase 2 The resistance phase 3 The exhaustion phase. finally lead to what is known as the exhaustion phase, commonly referred to as ‘burn out’. This results in a further weakening of the organs and body systems responsible for coping with stressful situations, reducing the natural defences and leaving the body vulnerable and at risk.

It is also known as trigger point therapy or myotherapy. g. forearms, elbows, knees, feet in an attempt to conserve healthy hands and wrists of the practitioner by minimising repetitive strain and/or to apply a deeper, firmer massage when required. g. shopping centre, beach, aeroplane etc. Massage is applied through clothing without the use of a product and a special portable massage chair is often used. On-site massage provides accessible massage for the relief of everyday stress-related symptoms.

3 Which religious practice contributed to the spread of massage? 4 From which country did shiatsu originate? 5 What is the name of the ancient Hindu medical text that explained the use of massage in India? 6 What was the Greek physician Herodicus reputed to have done to the competitors of the original Olympic games? 7 Which Greek physician is said to have developed a form of medicinal massage he named anatripsis? 8 What can we find in Britain today that provides evidence of the Romans’ ritual bathing habits?

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