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Discuss selected family theories, describing their strengths, limitations, and application to nursing practice. 3. Explain the family life cycle model as a framework for viewing family development across the life span. 4. Describe different family structures. 5. Describe the functions and roles of family members within the family. 6. Examine the impact of selected family issues on the family system. 7. Examine the cultural and religious influences that can affect child healthcare. See for a list of Key Terms.

The increase in tension causes the individual or family to move into the third stage, during which internal and external resources (balancing factors) are mobilized and emergency problemsolving methods are tried. During the fourth stage, the problem continues and cannot be solved or avoided, and stress and tension increase, which leads to major disorganization. Or, during the fourth stage, the problem is solved and equilibrium is restored to the family. Certain balancing factors influence the return to equilibrium at any time during the various stages of the crisis.

Nursing diagnoses can be formulated from the family assessment to articulate the problems identified for a family encountering a situational or developmental crisis (Nursing Plan of Care 1–1). The interdisciplinary team can use these diagnoses to guide interventions to promote family integrity in the presence of developmental and situational issues faced by the family and its members. From legislation supporting familycentered practices to an interdisciplinary team focused upon the needs of the entire family, the elements of FCC care can be operationalized via a variety of unique strategies (Nursing Interventions 1–1).

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