Ancient Indian mathematics and Vedha by Laxman Vasudeo Gurjar

By Laxman Vasudeo Gurjar

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The time-dependent Maxwell’s equations (in partial differential form) are discretized using central-difference approximations to the space and time partial derivatives. The resulting finite-difference equations are solved in a leapfrog manner: the electric field vector components in a volume of space are solved at a given instant in time; then the magnetic field vector components in the same spatial volume are solved at the next instant in time; and the process is repeated over and over again until the desired transient or steady-state electromagnetic field behavior is fully evolved.

If the approximation D ~ D0, ge ~ g and μ ~ μo is made, the uncertainty can rise as high as 33 %. The length of the pump is given by L = 2p and, due to the existence of teeth and slots, not any pump length is available. 17a) where Nphases is the number of phases and Ncoils, pole, phase is the number of coils per pole per phase. 54 mm for a voltage of 120 V. 19) For a Na pump similar in design to the one being considered for NaK, it was found at UNIST (by Hee Reyoung Kim) and Seoul National University (Sang Hee Hong) that the maximum value of the developed force increases with the diameter of the inner core and the efficiency decreases for larger inner core diameters.

The Lorentz force contributes to the pressure drop in addition to the viscous pressure drop in hydrodynamic drop. The electromagnetic pressure drop may even exceed the viscous pressure drop by orders of magnitude for strong magnetic fields. Liquid metals have typically high electrical conductivity giving rise to large Hartmann numbers of the order of ~103–104 for moderate or strong magnetic fields. In this case, viscous effects are confined to the near vicinity of the walls for homogenous magnetic fields and inertia effects become smalls for high interaction parameters.

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